Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Puzzling Problems for Fall

If you want to implement a daily math problem solving program, you can use one of these Fall Math Puzzlers to get started. I created two versions of this activity page, and they correspond with Levels B and C of the Daily Math Puzzler program. Daily Math Puzzlers are designed for students to solve one problem a day, Monday through Thursday. Friday can be a day for more in-depth problem-solving lessons.

To decide which activity page is right for your class, try solving the problems as if you were one of your students. As adults, we often jump straight into using equations or number sentences because we easily grasp what to do. But your students would probably find it more effective to solve most of these problems by drawing pictures. Thinking about how they might solve each problem will help you choose the right level for your class.

If you want to differentiate instruction, you can use both activity pages, assigning Level B to some students and Level C to those who need a challenge. The problems are worded almost exactly the same on each page but with different numbers, so you wouldn't want to give both pages to the same student.

For more problem-solving strategies and additional Daily Math Puzzler activity pages, visit my Math Problem Solving page on Teaching Resources. Problem solving can be fun when students solve just one problem a day!

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